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  • Mission Statement

    As a San Andreas Highway Patrolmen our level of commitment, responsibility, and professionalism is higher than any other department. As a department we strive to be successful within our duties, we strive to leave a good reputation, and most of all we strive to keep the citizens safe. With that we have 5 core values. They are the most common you will find even in other state agencies, but yet they are still so utmost important to our duties and regulations we abide by. 

    ~ Prevent loss of life, injuries, and property damage

    ~ Maximize service to the public and assistance to allied agencies

    ~ Manage traffic and emergency situations

    ~ Protect public and state assets

    ~ Improve departmental efficiency

    Our Vision

    We strive for the best, and with that, we expect the best from our Troopers. We strive to become great leaders within the field of law enforcement and to inspire others along the way. 

    The San Andreas Highway Patrol is a government service agency dedicated to providing the utmost service to our communities. Our core values reflect professionalism, integrity, service, and honor at all times.

    Directed & overseen by James S. the Commissioner of the Highway Patrol, we not only protect but serve the citizens of the Commonwealth of San Andreas reassuring our communities trust us to keep them safe throughout the state. Within the public, we provide safety, and services to our community and fellow Troopers. We respond to the calls with a ready mindset, and are prepared for the worst, but remain here to provide our best. We are a brother and sisterhood. We provide highly trained and capable Troopers to serve at the disposal of the citizens of San Andreas acting together with professionalism, integrity, and prestige

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    Highway Administration Command

    Commissioner - James S.
    Deputy Commissioner - Darien S.
    Asst. Commissioner - Martin W.
    Highway Chief - Vacant P.

    Senior Staff

    Highway Captain
    Highway Lieutenant


    Highway Master Sergeant
    Highway Staff Sergeant
    Highway Sergeant

    Staff in Training

    Highway Senior Corporal
    Highway Corporal

    Highway Membership

    Chief Master Trooper
    Master Trooper
    Senior Trooper
    Trooper First Class
    Probationary Trooper

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